There are many well-known Scandinavian designers who imagine a certain image that everyone then associates - rightly or wrongly - with a Scandinavian interior. Just think of certain patterns, character styles, or the typical color palette of HAY. Of course in Norway, Sweden and Denmark you will find items from HAY, OYOY or Ferm Living on every corner of the street, so you automatically see them coming back into the houses. Yet there are a number of basic principles that characterize a Scandinavian interior, regardless of the well-known designers.

What typifies a Scandinavian interior the most is the natural materials. In Scandinavia you will find a beautiful nature, and that is extended in their interior. For example, wood is a crucial part of a Scandinavian interior. But also marble, concrete, rattan, wool, linen, leather, ... Also, a Scandinavian interior is characterized by the numerous houseplants and natural light, to provide an extra natural touch.

To give the whole thing more power, the gold-colored metal, brass, is also often used. Not always, but you see it very often. This is then combined with a matching color palette for a cozy whole.

In addition, they live very down-to-earth in Scandinavia, and you can see that in their interior. In the West, we place the term minimalist here, whereas in Scandinavia it is a standard way of life. They do not have ti-lanterns everywhere, but they keep it tighter. Just think of the light bulb that is so popular with us, while it is actually a simple socket with an upgraded light bulb.